About using our music works

When using our music works, except personal purpose, permission from the copyright owner (JASRAC, NexTone etc.) is necessary.

Moreover, when using the music track by copying CD,
DVD or any other Lantis label production published by BANDAI NAMCO Arts,
license application from both copyrights owner (JASRAC, NexTone etc.) and related rights owner (Record company) is necessary.
If you want to use our music works, please check the terms and conditions given below and issue an application.
Application process
Search songs on "J-WID", the data searching systemn of JASRAC, memorize the song information and make sure the song is published by BANDAI NAMCO Arts.
According to your purpose of use, download the corresponding application form. Submit your application form to us by e-mail after filling all blanks up.
Our company
It will take from 2 weeks to 1 month for us to confirm your application, please make sure you have enough time for the whole process and apply in advance.
Our company
We will inform you the result of your application and the conditions of music using by e-mail.
*Please use following music database given below to find music information ※If the management status shows "#" on "J-WID", please check NexTone's database
Application form
Application forms are classified by the purpose of use, please choose corresponding one according to your requirement
Using music track from CDs
Application form for music works using
Using music track at wedding
Using music track at competitions such as "Baton twirling", "Marching band","NHK cup broadcast contest" etc.
Song cover
Application form for music works using(Cover)
Arrangement (concert, contest)
Application form for song using(Arrangement)
Application form for music works using(Game)
Application form for music works using(Movie)
CM, Advertising
Application form for music works using(CM,Advertising)
Publishing(Music score etc.)
Application form for music works using(Publishing)
CD jacket image using
Application form for jacket photo using
Destination address
Lantis license department
During the process, you might not receive our replying mail due to the setting of the spam mailbox.
Please make sure the filter is removed or rights@bnarts.jp is in your whitelist.
About the application from domain @hotmail.co.jp

<About the application from domain @hotmail.co.jp>
Error might occur when we send the replying mail to @hotmail.co.jp.
We have received report that the mails haven't been sent successfully before.
For personal use, license application is unnecessary.
There are cases that we are not able to contact the rights owner within the time limit you required, please make sure you have enough time for the process and apply the application in advance.
Please note that your application might not be accepted because of your requirement or any other reason.
It is forbidden to use our music works with following reasons.

Video uploading for personal use on sharing platform such as YouTube.

Using music track, video, photo of artist or CD jacket on any personal site, blog, SNS

Modify the sound source (such as remixing or editing etc.) will not allow
According to our personal information protection policy, all personal information you provied will be managed responsibly.
© Bandai Namco Music Live Inc.
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