About WithLIVE

WithLIVE is an online chat app.
*We are not responsible for any data costs or issues with the user's device, so take this into consideration when participating.
*WithLIVE requires iOS 11.0/Android 6.0 or greater, so please ensure your device meets this requirement beforehand.
*Please note that if you are unable to view the stream due to issues in your country/region, we will be unable to fix the problem.
How to participate in the event

★★ You will need a WithLIVE user account to participate ★★

① First, create a WithLIVE user account beforehand.
See here for instructions on creating a user account

*If your username contains characters not supported by all devices, this may cause errors when sending messages, so please refrain from using these characters.
*We may not be able to respond to all support requests right before the event, so make sure to create your account at least two days before the event.

② Once you've created an account, go to the special code entry page and make a booking for the time slot provided for you. (*Please register as a WithLIVE member first before accessing the special code entry page)
*See below for instructions on entering the special code

③ Once you've made your booking, download the WithLIVE app, and log in using the account you entered the serial code with.
iOS WithLIVE - Talk LIVE with artists
Android WithLIVE - Talk LIVE one on one with artists

④ If the account you used to enter the serial code is the same as your web account, the booking will show up in your LIVE Schedule.
For iOS: Open the app → My LIVE → LIVE Schedule
For Android: Open the app → Tap the three lines in the top left → LIVE Schedule
*If the booking does not appear here, you have not logged in with the right account.

⑤ On the day of the event, go to your LIVE Schedule → Booking Timetable, click "Enter," and wait.
*You will be able to enter the room from five minutes before the start of the event.
*If any guests are not waiting in the room when the event starts and the artist joins the call, it will be assumed that they no longer wish to participate, and their booking will be canceled. This may apply no matter what the reason for absence is. Please enter the room a while before the event starts.
* Even if you make multiple consecutive bookings, each time slot will be a separate call. After the first call ends, make sure to enter the next room and wait there.
*Please note that you will not be able to join the event in test mode. (See image below)

Each video call will last from the event's scheduled start time to the event's scheduled end time, and time slots are distributed randomly.
You will not be able to change your booking time.

■ Special code
Type in the serial number (6 digits) included in your event selection email (or card).
★ System requirements for the live event ★
*You will need an internet connection to participate.
*We recommend having as strong a connection as possible for the event. We recommend the use of the 4G network.
*Try to join from a quiet environment with a good connection, like your home.
*To take the video call, you will need a device with iOS 11.0/Android 6.0 or greater, and have the WithLIVE app installed.
・Please check that your device has all the features needed to take video calls (camera, etc.), and that these are working properly, before joining.
・If you begin watching the stream partway through, you will not be able to rewind it to before you started watching.
・Internet connection or system issues may cause problems with the stream video or audio, and in some cases may require us to pause the event or end it early.
・We will take no responsibility for issues caused by the user's internet or viewing environment.
・The cost of data used to view the stream must be paid by the user.
・Please have your camera turned on during the event.
・During the stream, all audio/visual recordings (including screenshots) are prohibited.
・If a viewer uploads/shares the stream on a video sharing platform or other website, they may be held legally responsible.
・Viewers are prohibited from using the footage for business purposes. This includes accepting payment from restaurant patrons or other customers to view the stream.
Important notes
*This event will be streamed live. See the "System requirements for the live event" section for information about the recommended viewing environment.
・The call will be monitored by staff in real time. If a participant says or does anything deemed inappropriate, they may be kicked from the call.
・The stream will be automatically recorded to prevent crime.
・We may publish footage/images of the event. Please be aware of this before you participate.
・Participants are not allowed to record audio/video or take screenshots during their call. This is automatically enforced by the app, and if recording is detected, the user will be kicked from the call.
・No refunds or replacements will be offered if the call is ended due to a problem with the user's device or them being kicked from the call.
・Only those who have won a spot in the event can participate. Participating with multiple people, and selling/giving away your serial number, are prohibited.
*If the user is unable to participate in the event for any reason (such as network connectivity issues), it will be seen as their own responsibility.
 No refunds/replacements will be offered if this happens. Please be ready and waiting some time before the event starts.
*Data costs associated with viewing the livestream will be borne by the user.
*Check the viewing requirements and recommendations beforehand, and make sure you will have no problems viewing the stream.
*If your network connection is not stable, we cannot ensure the quality of the stream.
*If you get a call during the stream, the video will pause, but it will play again after you decline the call.
*We will not provide compensation for the part of the stream missed when you were called.
*Please be aware that the call will end at the scheduled time even if you're in the middle of a conversation.
*The sale, transfer, or auction of any gifts, benefits, signed books, livestream event tickets, livestream URLs or serial codes, or anything else associated with this campaign, is prohibited.
*This event will be run with caution in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Please be aware that the event may be canceled or postponed.
*If it is decided that the event must be canceled/postponed, the content of the event may change as a result. We will not issue any refunds/replacements in this case.
*If the event needs to be changed, canceled, or stopped partway through, the organizers and artists will take no responsibility for any damages.
*We may ban someone from participating in the event if they do not follow the rules, or the organizers judge them to be dangerous.
*The rules and instructions for participants may be amended or added to.
*If an problem occurs with the app, such as a server error, you may be contacted by WithLIVE, so please keep waiting for a while if a problem occurs.
*Please note that we may not be able to respond to requests made on the day before or day of the event.