--Name: Crustacea
 Koichiro Muroya (violin)
 Wataru Mukai (cello)
 Atsushi Abe (piano)

Violinist Koichiro Muroya and cellist Wataru Mukai, classmates who performed as studio musicians, at concerts, and in orchestras after graduating from the Tokyo University of the Arts, formed Crustacea in 2005 in order to make their first album.

They released their debut album, Idaina Geijutsuka e no Chosen, in 2006. A project with the goal of helping everyone to enjoy classical music, Crustacea's fresh musicianship, which mixes rock and jazz essences; their high technical abilities; and their relaxing stage banter have been a hit, and the band has seen their number of concerts and fans increase.

As both performers increasingly engaged in solo work, the band welcomed jazz pianist Atsushi Abe in 2009 to become a trio with the goal of taking Crustacea to the next level. In September of that same year, Crustacea released their second album, Mada Furitsumoru Yuki. The band remains active to this day with a focus on holding regular concerts.

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[Japanese version only]

Unification3 feat.Minori Chihara
Unification3 feat.Minori Chihara/音楽:クラスタシア ゲストアーティスト:茅原実里
Unification2 Melody from Minori Chihara~nostalgia~
『Unification2 Melody from Minori Chihara~nostalgia~』Crustace...
Unification~Melody from Minori Chihara~
Unification~Melody from Minori Chihara~/Crustacea
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